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Here are some of my favorite articles about writing and life. If you like to continue reading, please click through!

“Living — No Thriving — in America” from

Living—No, Thriving—in America

“Self Re-Invention One Step at a Time” from The Scarsdale Inquirer

Over the holidays last month, my family and I traveled to Florida to celebrate the 90th birthday of my mother’s … well, I guess the most accurate term is “boyfriend.” After almost 50 years of wedded bliss to my father, followed by 10 long years alone as a widow, my mother met Sid, the second great love of her life…

“Why I Write” on

In my earliest memory—I guess I was two or three years old—I am stepping through a doorway into the most amazing room I have ever seen. The carpet is thick and soft, the couch is trim and ladylike with its red floral fabric and curved wooden legs, and a small hallway leads to the biggest bed I have ever seen, dressed in dainty blue bedcoverings and piled high with overstuffed pillows in crisp, white pillowcases.

“This is our room!” my dad says, and as my sister and I giggle and pounce on the bed, I tell myself that we must be the luckiest family in the world, to have both a regular home and also this special, extra room that belongs just to us…

“Menla Center for Health and Happiness” from Westchester Magazine

Don’t be surprised if you think you made a wrong turn as you close in on Menla Mountain Retreat. The final leg of the two-hour trip from lower Westchester puts you on a secluded road seemingly headed straight for a dead-end. But then the vista broadens into a mountainous landscape and the yellow exterior of the modest main building known as Delos Inn appears. No, you’re not lost—in fact, you’ve found one of the Catskills’ best-kept secrets…

“The End of the (Dirt) Road” from Westchester Magazine

Jimin Han of Cross River says that she often seeks out dirt roads to drive on as she goes about her day. “On a sunny day, with horses grazing on one side of the road and daffodils lined up on the other, the unpaved roads fit the scenery better,” she says…



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