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The Summer of Rachel from Brain, Child Magazine

It’s an ache that started a few years ago when your son left for college, and you realized that time was passing too, too fast. Your next child was approaching the very same milestone, and you decided you would no longer just sit back and watch…

5 All-Too-Common Mental Health Disorders In Kids And Teens
And the treatments that can help get them back on track from Westchester Magazine

1. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ADHD has a spectrum of symptoms, says Robert Seaver, MD, a Mount Kisco child psychiatrist. “Some children are distractible and inattentive, while others can be impulsive and hyperactive.” ADHD has a strong genetic component, but environmental factors can worsen symptoms…

“Twelve Hours and Counting: Diary of a Dreaded Graduation” from

10pm. I’m certain that the hardest part is going to be the graduation ceremony itself, so I’m unprepared the night before when I walk into Rachel’s bedroom to say goodnight, and she’s curled in a ball on her bed, her nose red and her eyes swollen, sobbing, “I don’t want to graduate. I don’t want to leave home. I don’t want to leave my friends. I don’t want to go to college!”

I know I should tell her that it’s normal to be scared…

“Dorm Room Shopping Tips for the College Bound (and Their Parents)” from Westchester Magazine

I cried the day my first-born, David, graduated from high school.

I cried even harder the day he showed me the Bed Bath & Beyond college-packing list.

How times have changed! When I went off to Binghamton University, I furnished my dorm room with basically the same stuff I’d brought to sleep-away camp: a pillow, a comforter, two sheet sets, and a handful of towels in varying sizes..

“To Get David Off the Bench” from The New York Times

NOW, you have to understand that my husband, Bennett, and I pride ourselves on being laid-back parents. We don’t schedule every minute of our children’s after-school time, we don’t send them upstairs to change if their clothes get dirty and we don’t pay for private sports instruction. These are unwavering principles.

Or, at least, we thought they were…

“View: In defense of Helicopter Parents” from The Journal News

You see us everywhere. We’re easy to spot, as we line up at the post office to send out care packages or mope near the entrance to American Eagle Outfitters. We’re the helicopter generation — that notorious group of hyper-controlling parents — and many of us dropped our babies off at college a few weeks ago.

I have to tell you, we’re not handling it all that well…

“Growing Up, Acting Out” from Parents magazine

At my 10-year-old son’s soccer game recently, one of the dads sat down beside me. “Ready for middle school?” he asked in a tone that made me think I had something to dread. When I seemed puzzled, he explained that that was when his son’s behavior took a turn for the worse.

“I’m not really worried,” I told him. “My David is such an easy kid.”

He smiled knowingly. “So was Zach,” he said…

“How Do We Teach Middle Schoolers About the Holocaust?” from

During one of my first years as a religious school teacher, my sixth-grade students and I had the privilege of meeting a Holocaust survivor and hearing his story…

The man, who was well into his 80s, was charming and delightful. Dressed in a dapper blue blazer, with a layer of snow-white hair on his head and a hearing aid tucked discreetly behind one ear, he told jokes, displayed photos of his grandchildren, and spoke lovingly about his wife and his long marriage…

“Baby Messes” from Parents magazine

We were at an amusement park one summer afternoon when my husband and I decided to give our 18-month-old daughter her own ice cream cone. Normally we’d order a cup and hold it for her while she fed herself with a spoon, but we thought she’d like a change. What a mistake! Before we knew it, Rachel had rubbed her face in the melted mush and smeared it all over her clothes. She became so sticky that I finally let her run around in a diaper.

As I rolled up her gummy shirt and peeled off her pants, did I ever consider her escapade educational? Of course not! Yet child development experts say that I could very well regard the afternoon in that light…





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